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Custom Built Stages for your every need. 

CASCADE was originally a temporary #SeattleLives solution for broadcasts, but has transformed to become so much more. PNTA has exceeded the limits of our stages and are able to build custom designed spaces at ANY location - your organization's location, the local park, a huge stadium, the basement. Wherever it is, we are a reliable partner to provide that design solution.

PNTA PVerbovski for NW Kidney -5.jpeg


Many of our clients dream BIG for their virtual broadcasts. Naturally, the spaces that fit those visions should also align with that! That's where #SeattleLives comes in. 


We can custom design any space to fit your needs. Our team can come to your desired location to get measurements of the space, test internet, evaluate the audio/video capabilities of the space, and even integrate multiple camera feeds for those who can't join the livestream at the main streaming location. #SeattleLives can even bring a fully produced set to your doorstep, if that's what it takes to make the livestream work for you!



CASCADE is an amazing way to reach clients further outside the realm of our studio spaces. Out in the field, #SeattleLives can tell the story of your organization or company in ways that are unique to your virtual broadcast!


We can custom design any spaces in the field. From setting up a scene, designing lighting, creating that perfect backdrop, we will work with you to create the ideal custom space for your needs.  


You don’t need to worry about all the technical details of producing cinema-quality video content and top-notch streams, because we’ve got it covered.


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