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PNTA defines diversity as a core value. We are committed to sustained diversity/inclusivity practices in hiring for entry level and leadership roles. We affirm and celebrate the multitude of identities and perspectives at our company, creating safe spaces for authentic engagement between employees of all backgrounds. These policies and practices are not concepts, but convictions. We will continue to develop a culture of accountability on issues of inclusion and justice, encouraging collective and individual responsibility for this culture.

PNTA is heavily invested in the community. We support and promote our local nonprofit groups who engage in social awareness mission work. We provide system wide collaboration and shared responsibility for the successful outcomes of our community’s efforts to engage, entertain and enlighten audiences. PNTA actively serves underrepresented communities with a care and focus often only afforded to large corporations.

What actions are we making to educate others and spread awareness as company?

Whether we are behind a curtain, or broadcasting to a screen. We are storytellers. We are a vital partner to many anti-racist organizations in telling their stories. Our exceptional staff, their technical knowledge and our innovation are all at the disposal of each and every community action effort we engage with.

What skills and resources are we dedicating to create an anti-racist and supportive community? 

PNTA is instrumental in many material efforts to support marginalized communities or individuals. We are the stage that many stand on, the amplification (quite literally) for the voices of the social justice movement here in Seattle. In amplifying these voices, we promote discovery. We provide equitable solutions to organizations and individuals in need of technical production services and consultation. PNTA advances the narrative of the fulfillment of social equity by enhancing economic outcomes and supporting the democratic promise of a common language of inclusivity and awareness  for our clients and related stakeholders.

What are the actions that make us drive social change?

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