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Meet Asher Vast, Senior Content Specialist at PNTA #SeattleLives​.

Asher's focus is the content side of storytelling.

My name is Asher Vast and I am a content creator at PNTA. What I bring to PNTA is the content side of storytelling. I come from an IT background, I spent about 12 years in it. I graduated with an associate's degree in network administration.

Throughout that process, I learned that I really enjoy storytelling and I started getting into film about seven years ago. I shot commercials, music videos, just about everything that you can think of.

One of the things that we're doing at PNTA is telling people's stories. In that process part of my job is working with the client and figuring out what kind of story that they want to tell. Communication with our clients is crucial in the delivery of a successful production.

It's our job as producers, as filmmakers, as storytellers to work with the client to make sure that their objectives are met both financially, visually and professionally. That's one of the things we do here at PNTA.


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