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Meet Nick Hearon, Business Development Manager at #SeattleLives

Meet Nick Hearon, Business Development Manager at PNTA & #SeattleLives.

Video Transcript:

My name is Nick Hearon and at PNTA, I'm the business development manager for the company. So I lived down in Colorado for four years and studied at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have a major degree in technology, arts, and media, and in my business development role, I also have a degree in entrepreneurship as well.

So that's played really well and allowed me to develop some of these systems and processes to help continue to grow the business in the way we like to. In terms of what I can add in terms of value to the customer experience, I've had a really broad background in the work I've done.

Whether that's been in the theatrical world, in music festivals, concert production, working with nonprofits, I think having that broad background and experience and working with nonprofits and entertainment industries, all of that has brought me a lot of different skill sets and background.

I really enjoy being able to take that knowledge forward and use it to best support my clients and put together a show that's really going to meet their goals and hopefully exceed their vision.


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