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Meet Pavel Verbovski, Business Development at PNTA #SeattleLives​.

Pavel's focus is business development and photography.

Hi, I'm Pavel and I'm in sales at PNTA and SeattleLives. I help nonprofits meet their goals in fundraising and virtual events. My background is in finance, but after I wanted to be a little bit more in the creative field, I decided to jump into photography.

I work with a lot of nonprofits attaining the goals, but after COVID, we had to change a bit and that's what led me to PNTA. Having meaningful relationships with customers is based in addressing their needs through listening and providing ideas so that we can achieve their goals. Having the opportunity to listen to a lot of clients in broad industries has really developed a skill set for me to be able to deliver with value. I think it's important to say that our clients sometimes don't know exactly what it is that they need, but having an idea-rich conversation is very important. That's something that I always try to bring to the table with my clients.


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