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What is a Hybrid Event?

PNTA and #SeattleLives' Senior Creative Technologist Josh Wells explains what a Hybrid Event is and the importance of putting on an engaging production for the people watching in person as well as for the streaming audience.

Hybrid events are an event that takes place with a live audience, a live group, much like we used to. Also, it's being broadcast to those who can't make it or are not willing to go out yet. I've been talking with a lot of event planners, a lot of organizations and Everybody wants to get back to doing live events.

And most everybody is in agreement that once we have the opportunity to gather again, we don't think the rooms are going to be that full. We think that we will not be allowed to have the rooms full and that we are going to be required to have a smaller audience. Alo some of the older attendees may not feel comfortable going out to a live event right away. So what we're going to see is a hybrid event.

We've been working towards how to do a hybrid event, one where it gets us back to a little bit of normalcy, where we can have an audience again. But at the same time, thinking about the audience at home watching.

There shouldn't just be a camera pointed at what's happening in the room. We still need to make sure that these virtual broadcasts are engaging, fun, and geared towards both the in room attendees and the people watching at home. We need to make sure both of those groups feel like this event is made for them.

Is a hybrid event right for you? Contact us and we will help you figure out the best solution for your event.


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