At #SeattleLives, we strive to host events in the safest way possible. We strictly adhere to sanitation, distancing, and cleaning procedures. We are working to maintain a hygienic working environment in accordance with all CDC guidelines and continually monitoring updates to ensure that we are complying with all guidelines and regulations for the safety of everyone involved!

You can review the full details of these policies here.


• Please do maintain 6 feet of distance to comply with social distancing. 

• Please stay at minimum 6 feet away from all audio, lighting, and video consoles and control surfaces. For the safety of our technicians, they need to be able to move freely and know that they are coming back to clean control surfaces. 

• Please refrain from touching walls and surfaces in the space. 

• Please cover your coughs/sneezes with your elbows and wash your hands afterwards. Feel free to help yourself to hand sanitizer located on the tables in the space at any given time! 

• Refrain from touching your face or having any physical contact with others. 

• Please do not share your microphone with others in the space. We have microphones for all presenters and will sanitize them before each use. 

• Do not pass phones, microphones, paperwork, pens, flash drives, etc. to others. If you need assistance getting information to a #SeattleLives team member, please ask. We are happy to help! 

If you are sick, do not enter the space. This is in violation of our policies and violates your liability and likeness release. 

• Please report any sanitation questions or concerns to #SeattleLives representatives as soon as you are aware of them. 


• All crew wearing masks and gloves 

• Sanitizing all door touch points and handles at least twice a day 

• Sanitizing and mopping our stage before and after use 

• Sanitizing all light switches and touch surfaces at least twice a day 

• Sanitizing all tables and surfaces at least twice a day, or between users 

• Sanitizing all furniture at least twice a day 

• Sanitizing all bathrooms at least twice a day

o Toilets 

o Faucets 

o Soap Dispensers 

o Mirrors 

o Door Handles and touch points 

o Light Switches 

o Toilet Paper Holders 

o Paper Towel Holders 

o Seat Cover Holders 

o ADA Rails 

• Sanitizing all control systems, lighting, audio, and video consoles at least twice a day, or between users 

• Sanitizing all microphones before and after each use as well as between users 


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We at #SeattleLives acknowledge that we are on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle,

the Duwamish People past and present, and honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.


Copyright 2020, PNTA Pacific Northwest Theater Associates.  All Rights Reserved.

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